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  • Hamdah Salhut
    Hamdah Salhut “The latest developments will likely strain the Israeli military, which is already stretched thin, amid fears of an all-out regional war. Israeli reservists are operating in both the northern and southern parts of the country as Israel fights Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. If the air force is going to have to be additionally deployed to more parts of the Middle East like Yemen, it's tough to say how exactly they're going to manage that when they're looking still to recruit more people for the army. It's a lot of pressure on the Israelis as yet another front has opened this morning.” 5 hours ago
  • Yoav Gallant
    Yoav Gallant “The fire that is currently burning in Hodeidah is seen across the Middle East and the significance is clear. The Houthis attacked us over 200 times. The first time that they harmed an Israeli citizen, we struck them. And we will do this in any place where it may be required.” 5 hours ago
  • Izzat al-Rishq
    Izzat al-Rishq “The occupation state will undoubtedly be burned by the fire ignited in Hodeidah today, and the mounting Zionist crimes will change the entire equation.” 5 hours ago
  • Yousef Mawry
    Yousef Mawry “The Houthis say that any state, any Arab regime, any government in the region that helps Israel or the US carry out attacks on Yemen will be met with retaliation. It's going to be an all-out attack against all Israeli, US and British military presence across the region - whether that would be in the island of Socotra here in Yemen, US military bases in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Jordan. The Houthis are basically declaring war on Israel, the US, the British government and any Arab regime considered an ally of Israel.” 23 hours ago
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“Ukrainian soil is being attacked from bases in Russia. So how do we explain to the Ukrainians that we're going to have to protect these towns and basically everything we're seeing around Kharkiv at the moment, if we tell them you are not allowed to hit the point from which the missiles are fired? We think that we should allow them to neutralize the military sites from which the missiles are fired and, basically, the military sites from which Ukraine is attacked. We must not allow them to hit other targets in Russia.”

President of France
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“No conflict or war ends on the battlefield, but rather at the negotiating table. China supports the convening at an appropriate time of an international peace conference that is acceptable to the Russian and Ukrainian sides with the participation of all parties equally. There, peace plans can be discussed, fairly, to achieve a ceasefire as soon as possible. We must always insist on an objective and just position, there is no magic wand to solve the crisis. All parties should start with themselves.”

State Councillor and China's foreign minister
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“Due to the possibility of the use of prohibited methods of war by the Ukrainian regime, as well as information that Kyiv is preparing a massive missile strike on the Kakhovka hydroelectric station, there is an immediate danger of the Kherson region being flooded. The decision (to expand the evacuation zone) will make it possible to create a layered defence in order to repel Ukrainian attacks and protect civilians.”

Russian-installed governor of Ukraine’s southern Kherson region
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“If you remember, President Putin tried to initiate talks with both NATO and the United States even before the special military operation. Putin was open to negotiations when a document was almost agreed on between Russian and Ukrainian [negotiators]. So in that respect, nothing has changed. The position of the Ukrainian side has changed… Ukrainian law now prohibits any negotiations.”

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“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield. What can you say? Let them try. We have heard many times that the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian. This is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people, but it seems that everything is heading towards this. Everyone should know that, by and large, we haven't started anything yet in earnest. At the same time, we don't reject peace talks. But those who reject them should know that the further it goes, the harder it will be for them to negotiate with us.”

President of Russia
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“He tried to conduct a short operation in the hope that the Ukrainian side would collapse - from the top leadership to privates on the battlefield. It's possible that the madman was seriously counting on holding the psychological and moral advantage. Putin refused to understand that this entire 'advantage' was dreamed up by his own television channels. For many years, his television and press have had one customer and one real viewer - himself. He has been poisoned by his own lies.”

Editor in chief of the Russia File a blog published by the U.S.-based Kennan Institute think tank
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