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  • Kyrylo Budanov
    Kyrylo Budanov “When we work out certain actions on the objects of the defence industrial complex, we have only one goal: to slow down the production of Russian weapons.” 4 hours ago
  • Volodymyr Zelenskiy
    Volodymyr Zelenskiy “Manufacturers of weapons and military equipment from all over the world can join its basic declaration and demonstrate that they are ready to build the arsenal of the free world together with Ukraine. The fund will be replenished from dividends from state defence assets and from profits from sale of confiscated Russian assets.” 4 hours ago
  • Dmitry Peskov
    Dmitry Peskov “We would not want the president to have to refuse visits to Armenia for some reason. Armenia is our ally, a friendly country, our partner … But at the same time, we will have additional questions for the current leadership of Armenia … We still believe it is a wrong decision [Armenia joining the International Criminal Court].” 22 hours ago
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26 Apr 2023 (approximate)

“Ukrainian units are not just defending but also counterattacking Russian forces in the city. This gives us the opportunity for several months to contain the enemy's offensive and not increase the front in this direction, to destroy his best units and buy time.”

Ukraine’s commander of ground forces
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  • 26 April 2023 (approx)
  • 27 April 2023
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