• Matthew Hollingworth
    Matthew Hollingworth “What we still see today is obviously just a level of destruction and dispossession that is far greater than I've probably ever seen anywhere else in the world in any other war. There's so much more to do. Every child I've met today in Gaza said the same thing. They are dreaming of eating vegetables, they're dreaming of eating meat. It's barely a life.” 2 hours ago
  • Andrei Kartapolov
    Andrei Kartapolov “If we see that the challenges and threats increase, it means that we can correct something in [the doctrine] regarding the timing of the use of nuclear weapons and the decision to make this use.” 2 hours ago
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31 May 2024

“This is a proposal that was effectively present from day one. Since October to this day, this is effectively the deal that was on the table, and it was Israeli rejectionism that kept us from achieving that deal where there's an end in the war in exchange for hostages and prisoners. President Biden understands having this war drag well past his election is not going to be something that actually works for him politically. … I think that this is why he's putting his foot down at this point and placing enormous pressure upon Israel to accept the ceasefire deal. He's presenting it as an Israeli offer, interestingly enough, but I think that's more of a means to try to put Netanyahu in a spot where it becomes more difficult for him to say no to this. Because we know that this is the deal Netanyahu has already said no to.”

US-based political analyst
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