• Matthew Hollingworth
    Matthew Hollingworth “What we still see today is obviously just a level of destruction and dispossession that is far greater than I've probably ever seen anywhere else in the world in any other war. There's so much more to do. Every child I've met today in Gaza said the same thing. They are dreaming of eating vegetables, they're dreaming of eating meat. It's barely a life.” 4 hours ago
  • Andrei Kartapolov
    Andrei Kartapolov “If we see that the challenges and threats increase, it means that we can correct something in [the doctrine] regarding the timing of the use of nuclear weapons and the decision to make this use.” 4 hours ago
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07 Jun 2024

“The problem at the hospital [Al-Aqsa Hospital] here is represented by something above emergency. There are exhausted medical staff inside the hospital - for the past eight months, non-stop work, as well as the huge influx of injuries coming to the hospital. We have two other factors, important factors that are affecting the work of the hospital. One of which is the lack of fuel to keep it sustainable. The hospital is resorting to its solar panel systems on the rooftop, but this is not sufficient enough to run the operating rooms, to run the ICU or incubators for babies. It's only sufficient to keep on the lighting. The other important factor that is crippling the hospital's ability to intervene properly is the acute shortage of medical supplies. We're talking about almost a month now of no medical supplies.”

Al Jazeera’s journalist reporting from Deir el-Balah
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  • 07 June 2024
  • 07 June 2024
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