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  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly “We keep talking about a tough response - that's what the South Korean president said this morning - but it's just not clear to me what that would be that wouldn't put us on a war footing. It's almost certainly going to be rhetorical.” 18 hours ago
  • Hirokazu Matsuno
    Hirokazu Matsuno “North Korea's series of actions, including its repeated ballistic missile launches, threatens the peace and security of Japan, the region, and the international community, and poses a serious challenge to the entire international community, including Japan.” 18 hours ago
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10 Aug 2022

“It's an issue of reunification, complete reunification, and … of Taiwan coming back to the motherland. Use of force was the last thing China wanted, as it was waiting for a peaceful reunification. But we cannot, we can never rule out the option to use other means, so when necessary, when compelled, we are ready to use all necessary means. As to what does it mean, 'all necessary means'? You can use your imagination, but … [the] Chinese people are absolutely determined to protect our sovereignty, territorial integrity, we will never allow Taiwan to be separated from China.”

China’s ambassador to Australia
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  • 10 August 2022
  • 15 August 2022
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