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  • Marwan Bishara
    Marwan Bishara “The thing about imperial powers like the UK and the US is that they don't give a damn about the action, in this case, the occupation. They care for the actor, and the actor is an ally, Israel. That's why this court is important, because this court does not see actors. It doesn't care about the identity of the actor, it only cares about the nature of the act. And in this case, it's 75 years of dispossession, 56 years of occupation. The UK and the US don't want you to know the legal opinion of this question, because what they care about is the cynical calculus of geopolitics.” 13 hours ago
  • Josep Borrell
    Josep Borrell “Today, we are further tightening the restrictive measures against Russia's military and defence sector. We remain united in our determination to dent Russia's war machine and help Ukraine win its legitimate fight for self-defence.” 13 hours ago
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19 Jan 2024

“It has to do, I think, with Iran's overall threat perception in the region rising. And at the same time, feeling the need - as a result of domestic and external pressure - to respond. If you look at the series of incidents these had projected the image of Iran's intelligence weakness and lack of seriousness and will to respond. So the calculation in Tehran might have been that by allowing this to continue, their very credibility would be at stake. And that was why they decided to show a response all at once.”

Visiting fellow at the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP)
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  • 19 January 2024
  • 19 January 2024
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