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  • Igor Grosu
    Igor Grosu “The plebiscite is a chance for Moldovans to show loudly and clearly that we are Europeans. ... We are not entering Europe, we are returning to it.” 7 hours ago
  • Maia Sandu
    Maia Sandu “Joining the EU is the best thing we can give this and future generations.” 7 hours ago
  • Igor Dodon
    Igor Dodon “We are categorically opposed to this referendum. We are not saying 'no' to talks with the EU and we are not opposed to the EU. We oppose Sandu using it as an instrument for her own interests and those of her party. We are therefore asking voters during the campaign not to take part in the referendum.” 7 hours ago
  • Ben Hodges
    Ben Hodges “Since the fall of Avdiivka in Ukraine's east on February 17 [2024], its forces have oozed forward, swallowing several villages, as Ukrainian forces have performed tactical retreats. Here we are in April [2024], and [the Russians] are oozing out. Why is that? I think it's because that's the best the Russians can do. They do not have the capability to knock Ukraine out of the war. Russia lacked the ability to equip large armoured formations that could move rapidly, with supporting artillery, engineers and logistics. I don't think it exists. That's why I feel fairly confident that the mission for [Ukrainian] general Oleksandr Syrskyi for the next several months is to stabilise this as much as he can to buy time for Ukraine to grow the size of the army, to rebuild the defence industry of Ukraine, as well as give us time to find more ammunition for them. I think of 2024 as a year of industrial competition. So the army has got to buy time.” 9 hours ago
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February, 2024

“Right now we're at an early curve where there's loads of interest in humanoids, and I think that will continue for a while. There will need to be several step changes before it can be rolled out broadly.”

Co-founder and principal analyst of STIQ Ltd.
29 Feb 2024 1 2
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“This is another opportunity for him to spread well-known lies. He continues to deceive his own nation and mislead the public abroad, because there are those who still continue to listen to him. Putin is deceiving the nation, the nation lives under an iron fist and Stalin-style repression, the army is in a catastrophic state, the economy is collapsing, the country's credibility is completely destroyed and his efforts to destroy Ukraine have failed.”

European Commission spokesperson
29 Feb 2024 4 3
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“They have announced the possibility of sending Western military contingents to Ukraine … The consequences for possible interventionists will be much more tragic. They should eventually realise that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. Everything that the West comes up with creates the real threat of a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons, and thus the destruction of civilisation.”

President of Russia
29 Feb 2024 3 4
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“The war in the south [of Lebanon] is linked to the aggression on Gaza on the one hand, and to securing means of protection for our country on the other. When the [Israeli] occupation halts its aggression on Gaza, this front stops, because it is a supportive front.”

Senior Hezbollah politician
29 Feb 2024 3 1
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“I've never seen the atmosphere so close to unity as it is today. I think [that is] mainly because people feel the responsibility after all these massacres that our people have been subjected to. The meetings were geared towards the creation of a national consensus government in the future. A government that all parties would agree with, a government that devotes its attention and its work mainly to alleviate this terrible suffering in Gaza, to prevent the Israeli efforts to enforce ethnic cleansing on the people of Gaza, to allow the supplies of everything that is necessary for the people to survive there. We are not talking about something that will end in two days; we are talking about an initiation of a process that hopefully will lead eventually to complete unity within the ranks of a unified Palestinian leadership.”

General Secretary of the Palestinian National Initiative
29 Feb 2024 2 1
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