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  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly “We keep talking about a tough response - that's what the South Korean president said this morning - but it's just not clear to me what that would be that wouldn't put us on a war footing. It's almost certainly going to be rhetorical.” 17 hours ago
  • Hirokazu Matsuno
    Hirokazu Matsuno “North Korea's series of actions, including its repeated ballistic missile launches, threatens the peace and security of Japan, the region, and the international community, and poses a serious challenge to the entire international community, including Japan.” 17 hours ago
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September, 2022

“They have already been doing a partial mobilisation and only legitimised it now, got more rights to forcibly do it. The 300,000 will have to be armed and supplied somehow, and that's questionable. They will resort to the old Russian way of using the gang-up principle, using quantity [of servicemen], because the quality is problematic.”

Lieutenant General - Former deputy chief of Ukraine’s general staff of armed forces
22 Sep 2022 3 2
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“We will face attacks from all sides, and their objective will be to dis-balance and take us apart. We are not dynamic, we act with inertia, and much of what we say often contradicts what we do.”

Commander the East Battalion of pro-Russian separatists in the southeastern region of Donetsk
22 Sep 2022 2 2
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“If by mid-October Ukrainian forces can break through the front lines in at least two directions and advance for at least 50km (30 miles), they will deal the Russian forces a heavy blow that will upturn the mobilisation. As a result, the inevitable loss of armoured vehicles and artillery will heavily impede the revitalisation of Russia's military might in occupied areas. But if there is no successful Ukrainian breakthrough, the Russians could restore the combat readiness of many front-line units. It doesn't mean they will be ready to attack, but they could hold the front line.”

Research Fellow at Bremen University
22 Sep 2022 3 2
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