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  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly “We keep talking about a tough response - that's what the South Korean president said this morning - but it's just not clear to me what that would be that wouldn't put us on a war footing. It's almost certainly going to be rhetorical.” 18 hours ago
  • Hirokazu Matsuno
    Hirokazu Matsuno “North Korea's series of actions, including its repeated ballistic missile launches, threatens the peace and security of Japan, the region, and the international community, and poses a serious challenge to the entire international community, including Japan.” 18 hours ago
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September, 2022

“We can't look at the pipelines only in business terms, as some politicians have done - we know which ones. We can't accept that the sanctions against Russia are unnecessary (...) and we can't treat the German government's policy as sacred. German politicians say empty words, using slogans such as 'sovereignty' and other things. But are there higher values than life?”

Prime Minister of Poland
16 Sep 2022 4 3
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“We are, indeed, responding rather restrainedly, but that's for the time being. If the situation continues to develop in this way, the answer will be more serious.”

President of Russia
16 Sep 2022 1 2
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“We're coming to a point right now where I think Putin is going to have to revise what his objectives are for this operation. It's pretty clear right now that he's … not going to be able to do what he initially intended to do. The Russians planned for an occupation, not necessarily an invasion, and that has set them back. He's [Vladimir Putin] coming to a decision point. What that decision will be we don't know. But that will largely drive how long this conflict lasts.”

Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency
16 Sep 2022 3 2
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