• Matthew Hollingworth
    Matthew Hollingworth “What we still see today is obviously just a level of destruction and dispossession that is far greater than I've probably ever seen anywhere else in the world in any other war. There's so much more to do. Every child I've met today in Gaza said the same thing. They are dreaming of eating vegetables, they're dreaming of eating meat. It's barely a life.” 3 hours ago
  • Andrei Kartapolov
    Andrei Kartapolov “If we see that the challenges and threats increase, it means that we can correct something in [the doctrine] regarding the timing of the use of nuclear weapons and the decision to make this use.” 3 hours ago
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June, 2024

“The people of Haiti are maybe waiting, by the grace of God, that probably by next week or the other week, we shall send our police officers to restore peace.”

President of Kenya
11 Jun 2024 1 3
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“This demand for a full withdrawal is not new. It is in the paper, it is in the proposal, it is even in the UN resolution. This is part of any deal. The question being posed is what kind of commitment that you as a mediator - namely the US - are you making to your own plan in all its phases. Because what has prevented a breakthrough is whether this is an actual ceasefire or is this a temporary pause followed by more deaths, horror and destruction. Israel's answer has been unequivocal: the war would continue - even as the US said otherwise. That is the question that not just Hamas and Islamic Jihad are asking, but the whole world is asking.”

President of the U.S./Middle East Project and former Israeli peace negotiator
11 Jun 2024 6 1
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“It's unthinkable for me (and many Les Républicains MPs) that there could be the slightest agreement, the slightest alliance, even local, or personal, with the RN (National Rally).”

French lawyer and politician of the Republicans
11 Jun 2024 4 3
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“We say the same things so let's stop making up imagined opposition. This is what the vast majority of our voters want. They tell us 'reach a deal'.”

French politician - President of The Republicans
11 Jun 2024 3 2
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“The U.S. administration is facing a real test to carry out its commitments in compelling the occupation to immediately end the war in an implementation of the U.N. Security Council resolution.”

Hamas official
11 Jun 2024 4 2
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