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  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly “We keep talking about a tough response - that's what the South Korean president said this morning - but it's just not clear to me what that would be that wouldn't put us on a war footing. It's almost certainly going to be rhetorical.” 17 hours ago
  • Hirokazu Matsuno
    Hirokazu Matsuno “North Korea's series of actions, including its repeated ballistic missile launches, threatens the peace and security of Japan, the region, and the international community, and poses a serious challenge to the entire international community, including Japan.” 17 hours ago
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September, 2022

“Pierre [Poilievre] is a career politician who has been collecting a six-figure salary on the public's dime since he was 24, and he's spent every minute of his time in office fighting against fair wages, good pensions and a better life for working people. He is not a worker, and he definitely doesn't get what it means to be a member of the working class.”

CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) national president
10 Sep 2022 1 2
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“If today or tomorrow changes are not made in the conduct of the special military operation, I will be forced to go to the country's leadership to explain to them the situation on the ground. I'm not a strategist like those in the defence ministry. But it's clear that mistakes were made. I think they will draw a few conclusions. We have our men out there, fighters prepared specifically for such situations. 10,000 more fighters are ready to join them. We'll reach Odesa in the nearest future.”

Russian and Chechen politician serving as the Head of the Chechen Republic
10 Sep 2022 3 1
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“I believe that this winter is a turning point, and it can lead to the rapid de-occupation of Ukraine. We see how they (occupiers) are fleeing in some directions. If we were a little stronger with weapons, we would de-occupy faster.”

10 Sep 2022 2 2
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“Izyum was a key military strongpoint for the Russians for many months. It took the Russians six weeks of fighting to get a hold of that city, and now it appears that the Ukrainians will have retaken it, in pretty much a 12-to-24-hour timeframe. It gives you an idea of how the tide is certainly turning. Ukrainians clearly have the momentum in this battle right now in the northeast, as they continue to push the Russian forces back.”

Al Jazeera’s journalist reporting from Kiev
10 Sep 2022 4 3
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