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  • Volker Türk
    Volker Türk “Millions are being plunged into extreme hardship and appalling conditions of life by these strikes. Taken as a whole, this raises serious problems under international humanitarian law, which requires a concrete and direct military advantage for each object attacked.” 12 hours ago
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November, 2022

“Our further plans and actions about the city of Kherson will depend on how the military-tactical situation unfolds. Nowadays, it's not easy.”

Russia’s top general leading the war in Ukraine
09 Nov 2022 2 2
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“Certainly by historic standards, this is really an incredible night for the Democrats. There has not been a majority party in the White House and in the Congress that has done so well in the midterms. Even if the Democrats lose the House, and they appear to be on track to do that, [Republican] Speaker Kevin McCarthy's majority would be very narrow - and that would be a win for the Democrats.”

Political science professor at George Washington University
09 Nov 2022 5 2
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“It [the Supreme Court's ruling in June that ended the constitutional right to abortion] was one of the most important motivating issues to get Democrats out to the polls. I think also the worry from many Americans about the threats to democracy - that issue was not looked at enough by prognosticators.”

Political science professor at The University of Akron in Ohio
09 Nov 2022 4 2
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“The development of the extent and expansion of the scale of war causes concern for all countries. Tehran and Moscow are upgrading relations to a strategic level. This is the most decisive response to the policy of sanctions and destabilisation of the United States and its allies.”

President of Iran
09 Nov 2022 4 1
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“They have not sent out vessels with telemetry capabilities to track missiles coming down into the water. And because we have not seen this re-entry capability, some people say North Korea doesn't know how to do it. But I believe they probably can, that their engineers, their scientists are capable. And they've done so many missile tests that even though they haven't had a reentry test, per se, they probably can do it.”

Associate fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies
09 Nov 2022 1 1
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“The occupiers attacked the area massively with kamikaze drones. Our air defense destroyed five barrage ammunition. They also attacked with drones the city of Dnipro, targeting a logistics enterprise. Four employees were wounded, three of them are in serious condition in hospital.”

Governor of Ukraine's southeastern Dnipropetrovsk region
09 Nov 2022 2 3
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