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  • Kyrylo Budanov
    Kyrylo Budanov “When we work out certain actions on the objects of the defence industrial complex, we have only one goal: to slow down the production of Russian weapons.” 5 hours ago
  • Volodymyr Zelenskiy
    Volodymyr Zelenskiy “Manufacturers of weapons and military equipment from all over the world can join its basic declaration and demonstrate that they are ready to build the arsenal of the free world together with Ukraine. The fund will be replenished from dividends from state defence assets and from profits from sale of confiscated Russian assets.” 5 hours ago
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March, 2023

“Putin most likely calculates that time works in his favour and that prolonging the war … may be his best remaining pathway to eventually securing Russia's strategic interests in Ukraine, even if it takes years. If Russia does not institute a mandatory mobilisation and identify substantial third-party ammunition supplies, it will be increasingly challenging for them to sustain even the current level of offensive operations. We don't see the Russian military recovering enough this year to make major territorial gains. … They may fully shift to holding and defending the territory they currently occupy.”

US Director of National Intelligence
08 Mar 2023 3 2
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“Some may be concerned about whether another visit at this time may be too unnecessarily provocative, as partners are already stretched thin with helping Ukraine. They may think that there is better timing than this current moment to be pursuing another US Speaker visit to Taiwan. And Taiwan wants to be seen as an understanding friend. as long as Tsai [Tsai Ing-wen] receives upgraded protocol treatment on her next trip, it can be considered a win for Taiwan.”

Political scientist who teaches at Australian National University’s Taiwan Studies Program
08 Mar 2023 3 2
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