• Matthew Hollingworth
    Matthew Hollingworth “What we still see today is obviously just a level of destruction and dispossession that is far greater than I've probably ever seen anywhere else in the world in any other war. There's so much more to do. Every child I've met today in Gaza said the same thing. They are dreaming of eating vegetables, they're dreaming of eating meat. It's barely a life.” 3 hours ago
  • Andrei Kartapolov
    Andrei Kartapolov “If we see that the challenges and threats increase, it means that we can correct something in [the doctrine] regarding the timing of the use of nuclear weapons and the decision to make this use.” 3 hours ago
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June, 2024

“North Korea is in a wait-and-see mode as they have reached their primary goal of sparking confusion and internal division. They also gained valuable lessons as to how far the balloons can go depending on the wind direction and speed.”

President of the University of North Korean Studies
03 Jun 2024 1 2
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“I wouldn't say loudspeaker broadcast was the reason North Korea halted sending trash-carrying balloons. I think it was their mistake to send a second wave of balloons because there was no provocative action from South Korea, such as sending anti-Pyongyang leaflets between Tuesday (when Pyongyang sent the first wave of balloons) and Saturday. I believe Defense Minister Shin Won-sik's remarks at Shangri-La Dialogue angered the North, leading them to react emotionally. They realized that they may have gone too far.”

Senior analyst at the Korea Institute for National Unification
03 Jun 2024 3 2
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“If, God forbid, the government decides to adopt this offer of surrender, we will not be part of it and will work to replace the failed leadership with a new one. I told the prime minister [Netanyahu], 'We, together with the bereaved families and the majority of the people of Israel, will stand by your side for a decision and victory. But we will stand against you with all strength and aggression if you choose surrender and defeat'.”

Finance Minister of Israel
03 Jun 2024 1 3
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“The purpose of the law is to cleanse this country of the nongovernmental sector, critical media, and opposition parties, and bring us to the reality that exists in Russia.”

Georgian politician - Head of the opposition Girchi - More Freedom party
03 Jun 2024 (approx) 4 2
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“It is leading the country away from democracy in an authoritarian direction.”

Tbilisi-based political analyst
03 Jun 2024 2 2
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