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  • Volker Türk
    Volker Türk “Millions are being plunged into extreme hardship and appalling conditions of life by these strikes. Taken as a whole, this raises serious problems under international humanitarian law, which requires a concrete and direct military advantage for each object attacked.” 12 hours ago
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November, 2022

“The agreement signed today in South Africa is monumental in moving Ethiopia forward on the path of the reforms we embarked upon four and a half years ago. Our commitment to peace remains steadfast. And our commitment to collaborating for the implementation of the agreement is equally strong.”

Prime Minister of Ethiopia
02 Nov 2022 3 2
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“Given that South Korea and the United States are conducting a combined air exercise, regarded as the strongest deterrence against the North Korean threats, the missile launch during the ongoing drills indicates the North has strong confidence in its nuclear capability. Since Sept. 25, North Korea has kept firing missiles ― even during China's important party congress. In addition, the North had staged military provocations in consideration of South Korea's domestic situation to some extent, but the missile launch during the South's mourning period of the Itaewon crowd crush, means that it will only focus on gaining recognition as a nuclear weapons state without taking anything into consideration before holding negotiations with the U.S. on the nuclear issue. To this end, North Korea is widely expected to ratchet up tensions further on the peninsula.”

Professor of North Korean studies at Ewha Womans University
02 Nov 2022 6 5
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“As a first step, we'd really like to have a conversation with them about each other's doctrines, about crisis communication, crisis management. We're not in that space with Beijing yet. So, there's work to be done to begin the conversation, we think bilaterally. We're now at the 60th anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis. We don't need to repeat that to know that we need to be at the table having conversations with each other.”

Deputy assistant secretary of state for arms control, verification and compliance
02 Nov 2022 2 1
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“At some point it will become appropriate to slow the pace of increases. So that time is coming, and it may come as soon as the next meeting or the one after that. No decision has been made.”

Federal Reserve Chair
02 Nov 2022 1 3
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