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  • Antony Blinken
    Antony Blinken “It's very important to emphasise that the presence of this surveillance balloon over the United States, in our skies, is a clear violation of our sovereignty, a clear violation of international law and clearly unacceptable.” 17 hours ago
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January, 2023

“This year could be a year of crisis with military tension on the Korean peninsula going beyond what it was like in 2017. North Korea's hardline stance … and aggressive weapons development when met with South Korea-US joint exercises and proportional response could raise the tension in a flash, and we cannot rule out what's similar to a regional conflict when the two sides have a misunderstanding of the situation.”

Senior researcher at the state-run Korea Institute for National Unification
02 Jan 2023 2 2
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“What we call extended deterrence was also the US telling us not to worry because it will take care of everything, but now, it's difficult to convince our people with just that. The US government also understands that to some degree. To better respond to North Korea's nuclear threats, Seoul wants to take part in the operation of US nuclear forces. The nuclear weapons belong to the United States, but planning, information sharing, exercises and training should be jointly conducted by South Korea and the United States.”

President of South Korea
02 Jan 2023 4 2
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“Compared with Kim's previous New Year's remarks, which highlighted the country's economic growth, he emphasized strengthening the military and nuclear weapons this time. A nuclear test is expected soon to back up his message. The prediction that North Korea would push ahead with a nuclear test before the midterms in the United States in November was wrong, perhaps because it ignored the North's politics. If the past is any guide, North Korea conducted nuclear tests on or just prior to politically meaningful days. If the North does not conduct a test in January or February, it could be delayed to July 27, the anniversary of the Korean War armistice signing, which is called 'the Day of Victory in the Great Fatherland Liberation War' in North Korea, or later.”

Director of the Center for North Korean Studies at the Sejong Institute
02 Jan 2023 2 3
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