• Matthew Hollingworth
    Matthew Hollingworth “What we still see today is obviously just a level of destruction and dispossession that is far greater than I've probably ever seen anywhere else in the world in any other war. There's so much more to do. Every child I've met today in Gaza said the same thing. They are dreaming of eating vegetables, they're dreaming of eating meat. It's barely a life.” 3 hours ago
  • Andrei Kartapolov
    Andrei Kartapolov “If we see that the challenges and threats increase, it means that we can correct something in [the doctrine] regarding the timing of the use of nuclear weapons and the decision to make this use.” 3 hours ago
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June, 2024

“Biden is challenging Israel, saying: 'I am expecting you to allow this arrangement to go forward. Do not sabotage it. Do not drag the rug out from underneath it for political reasons. Put your money where your mouth is'.”

Former Israeli national security adviser under Mr. Netanyahu
01 Jun 2024 2 1
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“Biden's announcement is music to the ears of the Israelis who want to end the war. But, there is a mixed message again coming from Washington. The surprising thing was that [the ceasefire proposal] was described as an Israeli offer. This contradicts many things that Netanyahu said recently; it looks more like an American offer that is presented as an Israeli one.”

Former director of Israel’s foreign ministry
01 Jun 2024 2 2
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“Both Israel and its staunch ally the US say they do not want a future in Gaza in which Hamas has any kind of political role left. At the same time, this is an agreement that would have to be reached through negotiations with Hamas, so, how do you do that? How do you eliminate them as a political force and at the same time reach a negotiated solution that is agreed upon by all parties?”

Professor of history at Georgetown University in Qatar
01 Jun 2024 4 2
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“Israel's conditions for ending the war have not changed: The destruction of Hamas military and governing capabilities, the freeing of all hostages and ensuring that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.”

Prime Minister of Israel
01 Jun 2024 4 1
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“I don't quite understand: does he [Donald Trump] really want to be a loser president afterwards? Let's imagine that Trump is the president and, for example, he decides to end the war at the expense of Ukraine. And somehow, in the dialogue, he gets confirmation from Putin on the Russian side that this is a stop, that's it. The Ukrainians will not put up with this, but he can then say: 'That's it, I'm not giving you any support, there are no weapons, there is no funding'. Maybe he will reach an agreement with some of his partners, and they will also stop [supporting Ukraine]. Of course, Ukraine cannot fight a multimillion-strong army without weapons. Let's just imagine it. And let's imagine for a second... I think it's 100% likely that this will happen, but let's imagine that it's 10% likely that Putin will not stop after that. What will this new president of the United States look like for the whole world, then? He will then be very weak, and this is not about his personality but about the institutional capacity of the United States. They will become very weak, they will not be leaders of the world. And then Putin will move on, realising that the United States is no longer such a [strong] player. And then other leaders of other countries, mostly authoritarian, will enter the arena. That's the end of the ceasefire, the beginning of what everyone is so afraid to talk about, a real World War III.”

President of Ukraine
01 Jun 2024 10 2
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