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  • Sergei Shoigu
    Sergei Shoigu “The U.S. and its allies are trying to prolong the conflict as much as possible. To do this, they have started supplying heavy offensive weapons, openly urging Ukraine to seize our territories. In fact, such steps are dragging NATO countries into the conflict and could lead to an unpredictable level of escalation.” 3 hours ago
  • Oleg Danilov
    Oleg Danilov “Attempts at an offensive in either the Kharkiv or Zaporizhzhia direction will of course be made. How successful they'll be will depend on us.” 3 hours ago
  • John Kirby
    John Kirby “It strains credulity … that this was some kind of weather balloon that was floating on the winds.” 3 hours ago
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Combat drones

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“There's been a lot of debates between experts about whether drones will be used in more advanced fights, like a potential US-China conflict. These examples [in Ukraine] are evidence that drones will be used extensively even by more advanced military powers. We're seeing the military value in using large amounts of mass drones, so a logical response would be 'Well, how do we make this more effective? How can we integrate this with other communications, make it more dynamic, make it more precise?' The technology is certainly going in a direction where these are the future of war.”

Policy fellow at the Schar School of Policy and Government who researches unconventional weapons and technology
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“These drones were bought off the shelf from Iran, moved to the war zone and being used, I think, very much as a weapon that will continue to confuse Ukrainian air defences by adding something else in the mix.”

Analyst at King’s College London
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“There have been some video footages allegedly showing the employment of the TB2. Of course, information at this point is fragmented, and it needs to be taken with caution. We do know that Ukraine bought some TB2 over the past years and that Turkey and Ukraine signed an agreement for the production within Ukrainian borders of the TB2 - but, as far as I know, production had not started yet. Allegedly, some transport aircraft delivered some drones shortly before the beginning of the hostilities with Russia. The TB2 produced by the company Bayraktar is one of the two prominent armed drones produced by Turkey [the other being the Anka produced by Turkish Aerospace Industry]. It is cheaper than other Western models, but it has a good performance in key parameters [range, altitude as well as sensors and communication system].”

Senior researcher in military technology and international security at ETH Zurich
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“The removal of this al-Qaeda senior leader will disrupt the terrorist organisation's ability to further plot and carry out global attacks threatening US citizens, our partners, and innocent civilians. Al-Qaeda continues to present a threat to America and our allies. Al-Qaeda uses Syria as a safe haven to rebuild, coordinate with external affiliates, and plan external operations.”

US Army Major
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“Killer robot proliferation has begun. It's not in humanity's best interest that cheap slaughterbots are mass-produced and widely available to anyone with an axe to grind. It's high time for world leaders to step up and take a stand.”

Physicist, cosmologist and machine learning researcher. He is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the scientific director of the Foundational Questions Institute.
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