• Volker Türk
    Volker Türk “Russia's full-scale armed attack on Ukraine, which is about to enter its third year with no end in sight, continues to cause serious and widespread human rights violations, destroying lives and livelihoods. The invasion has exacted a horrific human cost, inflicting immense suffering on millions of civilians.” 1 hour ago
  • Tymofiy Mylovanov
    Tymofiy Mylovanov “In 2022, the [US] administration [of Joe Biden] submitted funding requests in the spring, almost immediately after the invasion. But in 2023, it waited until mid-fall to announce what it plans to submit. Avdiivka demonstrates the cost of these political delays: human lives, lost territory, and encouraged Russia. If that's the plan 'to be with Ukraine as long as it takes', then the US delays in aid have just prolonged the war.” 3 hours ago
  • Dmytro Kuleba
    Dmytro Kuleba “The era of peace in Europe is over. And every time Ukrainian soldiers withdraw from a Ukrainian town because of the lack of ammunition, think of it not only in terms of democracy and defending the world-based order, but also in terms of Russian soldiers getting a few kilometres closer to your towns.” 3 hours ago
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Armenians handing over land in the Nagorno-Karabakh

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“Some of our partners are increasingly making efforts to expose our security vulnerabilities, putting at risk not only our external, but also internal, security and stability, while violating all norms of etiquette and correctness in diplomatic and interstate relations, including obligations assumed under treaties.”

Prime Minister of Armenia
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“Our people do not want to live as part of Azerbaijan. Ninety-nine point nine percent prefer to leave our historic lands. The fate of our poor people will go down in history as a disgrace and a shame for the Armenian people and for the whole civilised world. Those responsible for our fate will one day have to answer before God for their sins.”

Adviser to Samvel Shahramanyan, president of the self-styled Republic of Artsakh
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“Azerbaijanis are saying according to the United Nations, this land belongs to them … there is a sense disappointment and anger in Azerbaijan about the scenes [burning homes] they are seeing. They are saying the Armenians are vandalising something which did not belong to them in the first place,”

Al Jazeera’s journalist reporting from Azerbaijan
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“There is a great sense of loss amongst the few remaining. They are chopping wood and taking whatever they have left and join their families across the border in Armenia. They are desperately scared about what could happen next.”

Al Jazeera’s journalist reporting from Vardenis - Armenia
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