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  • Robert Wood
    Robert Wood “We do not support this resolution's call for an unsustainable ceasefire that will only plant the seeds for the next war.” 16 hours ago
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Marib - Yemen

Page with all the IPSEs stored in the archive related to the City/Town of Marib (Yemen).
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“The internally displaced people are suffering. Many of the families have been forced to live out in the open without proper shelter in terrible conditions; they lack the most basic needs, such as shelter, food, water, and educational facilities. Government forces in Rahabah, along with their allies, were unorganised. The main tribes fighting with the government forces in Rahabah received limited support, while the Houthi forces were organised and well-supported.”

Analyst at the Sanaa Center for Strategic Studies
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“If fighting moves towards populated areas or these displacement sites, we will see people flee again and towards locations to the east and south of Marib city with even less resources. Much of this is desert area so just think about what any displacement in that direction would mean for families' access to water.”

International Organization for Migration spokeswoman
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“An assault on the city [of Marib] would put two million civilians at risk, with hundreds of thousands potentially forced to flee - with unimaginable humanitarian consequences. Now is the time to de-escalate, not to add even more to the misery of the Yemeni people.”

UN undersecretary-general for humanitarian affairs
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