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  • Faisal bin-Farhan
    Faisal bin-Farhan “It is absolutely necessary that Israel accepts that it cannot exist without the existence of a Palestinian state. That its security is served by building a Palestinian state. So we hope sincerely that the leaders of Israel will realise that it is in their interest to work with the international community, not just to strengthen the Palestinian Authority but to establish a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders.” 2 hours ago
  • Joe Biden
    Joe Biden “We are standing strong with Ukraine and we will stand with them. We're standing against a man whom I've known well for many years, a brutal tyrant. We may not, we will not walk away. There are no American soldiers in the war in Ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way. Putin was certain that NATO would fracture. Today the greatest defence alliance in the history of the world is stronger than ever.” 11 hours ago
  • Eran Etzion
    Eran Etzion “Contrary to many expectations, the task of destroying Hamas does prove to to be more difficult than anticipated. To what extent is Hamas able to smuggle arms, materials, personnel across the border with Egypt? If it is found that there are multiple tunnels as some argue, despite the Egyptian promises to the contrary, and that those tunnels do enable Hamas to continue and replenish its capabilities, then that is a strategic issue that will need to be taken care of in closer cooperation with the Egyptians.” 11 hours ago
  • William Lai
    William Lai “I look forward to enhancing mutual understanding and reconciliation with China via exchanges and cooperation, creating mutual benefit and moving towards a position of peace and common prosperity.” 11 hours ago
  • Michael McCaul
    Michael McCaul “Taiwan is a thriving democracy. The U.S. will continue to stand by our steadfast partner and work to maintain the status quo across the Taiwan Strait.” 12 hours ago
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IpseDixit (Latin for "he himself said it") is a quote-centric news project covering geopolitical affairs, current events, economy, politics, conflicts, protests, human rights issues, health matters, natural disasters, climate change related stories, among others, from a vast array of reliable sources.

In order to disentangle the complexity of the world, it is necessary to analyze/listen/read what the people who have the expertise, the decision making power or the experience of living the events first hand, have to say when it comes to the events that are shaping the world.

The point of the project is to store and present the declarations made by People/Entities regardless their political orientation or personal interest, in fact the idea of having multiple sides of a single Context stored forever as an "evidence" of what has been said, constitutes the goal of the IpseDixit project.

The IPSEs (quotations) pronounced/reported by people (politicians, analysts, researchers, journalists, activists, common citizens) or entities (think tanks, government agencies, companies) are categorized by contexts, tags, countries and cities (if applicable) and are organized by date.

There is a possibility for the visitor to contribute by submitting an IPSE for a Person/Entity in its page and/or suggesting a Context in the detail page of the IPSE.

IpseDixit is constantly evolving, new sections are in the making, the possibility of opening up the project to a more elaborate collaboration of users has been considered. Integration of functionalities involving Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning is a potential future path that could generate quality content and improve the platform. The project is run by Paolo Zambon, a programmer, writer and geopolitical news aficionado who started to collect quotations useful for his articles and books and decided to transform what was a plain and unattractive archive into an open space available to other people interested in what is going on around the globe.

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